SIP is Gaining Significant Traction within the Market say Nimans

The role of a distributor is as vital as ever in helping a reseller grow his business, according to Nimans who say they understand the market better than anyone.

“Whilst we never take our customers for granted, there’s simply no one to touch us when it comes to business development and helping a reseller overcome the many obstacles they face,” says Nimans’ Sales Director Phil Adams.

Nimans has enjoyed a strong second half to the year following a management reshuffle which saw Adams elevated from Head of System Sales – and the company is determined to carry these trends forward throughout 2008 and become even more reseller focused.

“Nimans as a proposition is very important to us,” says Adams. “The platform for further success is very firmly in place. Sure there were some twists and turns throughout the year but Nimans has emerged leaner and stronger than ever.”

He continued: “Over the last couple of years and in particular the last six months we have restructured both at management and operational levels, developed many effective procedures to get to the real roots of our business and this has been underpinned with additional resources. For example, we have developed our field sales force which covers every region across the UK and Ireland, promoting the many values of working with Nimans and looking at our whole product portfolio which encompasses thousands of different lines. We can help a reseller exploit his growth potential with bespoke business solutions from a Business Development Team which is accessible, dedicated and committed.”

Turning to market trends, Adams predicts that SIP will continue to grow in both awareness and applications throughout 2008. “SIP is gaining significant traction within the market. We have conducted a series of educational roadshows and seminars throughout the country, working closely with well known and established SIP suppliers to highlight how the reseller and the end user can benefit from this emerging technology – and where profits and revenues can be generated. It is clear SIP is not going to go away and is here to stay.”

Adams concluded: “We respect our customers and they respect us for what we are delivering to them. We don’t take our customer base for granted and invest in it in many different ways – from marketing support to credit development and world class logistics. I firmly believe a distributor has a very important front line role to play in a reseller’s development.

At the end of the day all a manufacturer can do is produce a product in line with technology and market demand, but there’s a huge gap in the middle between them and the customer. It’s not just about supplying a product, it’s about understanding a reseller, even in certain circumstances their financial constraints, and assisting and helping them through that. We help build businesses and ensure our customers overcome the many different challenges they face. Ultimately if they are successful so are we.”

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