SIP on Customer Tick List say Samsung & Avaya

It’s been the case in the comms sector for many a year that customers have a list of features they think they want on their wish list and have to tick them off before placing their orders and Andy Rawll, Avaya Business Manager for SMB convergence products would tend to agree when he says customers continue to demand IP-readiness on the products they buy, but use of IP-end points in the SMB space today continues to be slight.

“The first wave of SIP-based trunk services (IP dial-tone) are starting to make their presence known and enticing resellers with promises of easy deployment, good margins and flexible offers. Although mainstream availability and adoption of these services is perhaps 12-18 months away, customers are increasingly demanding support for SIP trunks as a key requirement for new equipment purchases.”

Samsung is also seeing an increasing trend towards the deployment and take-up of SIP trunking according to Ian Hyde, Product Marketing Manager.

“Over the past six months or so we have been approached by a number of service providers across Europe requesting our involvement in a series of SIP trunking inter-operability tests. To date these tests on the Samsung OfficeServ range have proved successful and we shall be making further detailed announcements in due course. Due to the nature of SIP the service providers are very interested in how the various PBX’s handle the dynamic allocation of ports and in the case of the OfficeServ 7000 series this is easily addressed by deploying the integrated data modules that include SIP ALG (Application Level Gateway) functionality and so negate the need for an additional third party device.

The cost benefits of SIP trunking have been well documented and it would appear that the application is being driven by the channel who view this as another LCR type opportunity and is now being positioned as a direct replacement for ISDN.”

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