SIP-Serv to Provide Plug & Play Solution for IP Telephony

German PBX vendor Funkwerk Enterprise Communications (FEC) who UK operation is based in Hampshire has launched SIP-Serv, a new software-only telephone system from that can be installed on a standard PC. Using TCP/IP and ISDN connections, FEC say SIP-Serv offers integration of VoIP technology and provides an ideal plug and play telephone system for small to medium sized businesses.

FEC’s Richard Welland, “SIP-Serv provides users with the same functions available on conventional telephone systems including a ‘busy’ display, forwarding and an easy-to-use voice mail system. Conference calls are integrated and can be used in combination with FEC’s SIP-ServClient, which is included in the package. With seamless integration into Microsoft Outlook each call is automatically displayed on the screen with the caller’s entry and customer data.

The software comes with five client licenses, one of which can act as a switchboard, and additional licenses can be purchased to support up to 500 users. SIP-Serv can connect to the phone network via VoIP providers such as Call UK and Sipgate but can also connect users directly to the telephone network using one or more installed ISDN cards, with up to 60 channels.

In the local network, communication is based entirely on the SIP standard, allowing every SIP-compatible end-device to be connected to the FEC SIP-Serv. Users can choose between pure IP phones such as the elmeg IP290, other SIP-enabled end-devices, or the PC-based SIP-ServClient.

With Outlook as the central GUI the system is easy to grasp and as Outlook contact details are maintained there is no the need for additional phone books. The ability for SIP-ServClient to transform Outlook’s integrated voice mail system to combine messages, emails and telephony into a single user environment is an added benefit.

For large-scale installations, SIP-Serv can be clustered with other SIP-Serv or ICT systems with multilingual user interfaces and detailed help facilities for simple, quick configuration. SIP-Serv systems in branch offices can be interconnected allowing phone calls between these locations to be routed automatically and free of charge across the existing IP infrastructure. Using encryption technology the IP phone systems are protected against eavesdropping, and virtual private networks (VPN) are switched for data transmission between the various locations.

A suitably configured PC with Windows 2000 or Windows XP Professional are needed to install the FEC SIP-Serv software-based telephone system. The software phone consists of the MS Outlook plug-in. Supported headsets include models from Plantronics and GN Netcom. The SIP-based IP phone elmeg IP290 can also be used, either additionally or as an alternative.”

“SIP-Serv is an exciting new addition to the elmeg range of VoIP products that already includes hardware VoIP PBXs and feature-rich SIP phones,” says Richard Jones, managing director of Wlaton-on-Thames based FEC distributor nXgear. “VoIP offers more flexible and lower cost working for businesses new opportunities for the channel. But this also puts pressure on traditional PBX dealers to improve their IT skills to support the rise in IP based telecom products.”

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