Six Weeks Left for Reseller Identity (RID) Applications

Ofcom, the UK regulator is reminding resellers that as of 24 April 2006, all providers of carrier pre-selection (CPS) and wholesale line rental (WLR) will require a valid and active reseller identity (RID) code.

From this date, a RID will be required for all the order types placed on the WLR Gateway and CPS Service Provider Gateway for the order types listed below. A RID will be required by all providers offering CPS and WLR even if they already have a CPSO ID 8xxx code or a Service Provider ID.

For WLR order types, a valid and active RID is required for: New Provide, Standard Transfer, Like-for-like transfer, Conversion, and Remote Call Forwarding when a new presence is required only.

For CPS order types, a valid and active RID is required for: Set-up, WLR set-up, and Renumber set-up.

Ofcom say the changes are necessary to reflect the reality that a large proportion of direct end-user contact is performed by resellers and service providers rather than operators. Additionally it will also enable BT’s Openreach engineers to be aware of the identity of the end-user’s reseller.

Ofcom aims to process RID applications within three weeks. To ensure, as far as possible, the timely process of RID applications, therefore, Ofcom needs to receive any such requests by 31 March 2006 – the last date for applying to Ofcom for a RID to ensure that Ofcom can process the application pre-24 April. Resellers can visit the Ofcom web site to set the process rolling if they have not already done so – see

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