Skill Sets a Priority say ScanSource

Jim Robertson, Operations Director at ScanSource Communications, believes that resellers with enhanced skills in demonstrating products to prospective customers will undoubtedly win more business that their lesser qualified rivals.

“Being able to carry out an effective customer product demonstration should be a given for resellers but often sales staff are wary of carrying out the task because they are uncertain of how to set up the demonstration kit in the first place.

This is why ScanSource is investing in our channel partner skill sets by providing customer demonstration coaching sessions for the Avaya IP Office. These sessions will build reseller confidence in the product and increase their ability to close deals faster.”

ScanSource has broken the IP Office demonstration techniques into ‘mini-modules’ that cover
Connect IP500, Phones and PC (30 min), Install and set up Manager and User software on delegate PC (60 min), Manager demonstration training (90 min), Handset demonstration training (90 min), and PhoneManager demonstration (120 min)

Robertson concludes, “Everyone knows that business is harder to get these days so being able to carry out an effective professional product demonstration is another step you can take to keep ahead of your competition.”

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