Skills, Skills, Skills

Rob Murdoch at reseller Titan Technology believes its been so many times before but he’s going to say it again anyway; “The issue hitting the telecoms resellers entering the converged market is skills.”

“As a whole telecoms resellers lack the necessary IT skills to fully support a converged customer. This doesn’t mean to say they can’t enter the converged market, it just means they need to partner with a supplier who can support them.

If only it was as simple as installing a PBX onto a customers existing Cat5 infrastructure. Those were the days, half a day to install a 20 extension system. Now we have to check the LAN is voice ready, make sure that the customers IT equipment is capable of supporting voice protocols, but how do we do this? Who can help us do that? If these checks are not done there could be problems ahead. Following simple checks prior to installation will mean a hassle free install and allow for the smooth running of the ongoing service.

What can we get out of convergence, the obvious one at the moment is SIP trunks, BT are slashing their prices how can we, the reseller compete with that? I believe that SIP trunks will give you a solution to give your customers and combat BT pricing.”

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