Skype to Snap Asterisk Connection

On-line technology site Tech2 has reported that Skype is to sever connectivity with Asterisk.

Microsoft recently bought over Skype for a very large sum of $8.5 billion. It even had some experts claiming that Microsoft might have paid a little too much for it. Asterisk, an open source communication software for PCs that used traditional phone lines also had support for Skype’s online internet voice service. This means that new Asterisk users will no longer be able to connect to the Skype service.

Apparently Skype has decided against renewing its contract with Asterisk. A customized version of the Skype client was designed specifically for the use with the Asterisk PBX system. Existing users should be able to use the Asterisk till around 2013.

Mike Smythe, Marketing Director at LG Ericsson distributor Capstan Communications commented that LG-Ericsson iPECS remains a valid connection to Skype using Skype Connect trunks!

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