Small Businesses Would Like More Bank Holidays.

More than 50% of small businesses have given the thumbs up to having more bank holidays in the UK. Only 9% believe that there should be fewer UK bank holidays whilst 38% believe we have the correct amount and it should remain the same.

Those are the key findings in a survey conducted by Unicom, which specialises in telecoms and broadband services for small businesses.

“I think small business owners’ work incredibly hard throughout the year and often forgo their own holidays to allow their staff to take time off and to grow their business,” said Chris Earle, Operations Director of Unicom. Bank holidays provide small business owners with some much needed ‘downtime’ when the rest of the country is on holiday too – so it’s no surprise that they’d like more of them. Of course, there are a number of businesses who see bank holidays as a reason for lost revenue, however, these businesses are now a small minority where once they may have been the majority.”

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