Smartbunker: The Data Centre Service Committed to Zero Carbon Energy

Centrinet, a provider of managed network and secure data hosting services, today announced the launch of Smartbunker, a data centre purpose built to provide high performance managed hosting services using zero carbon energy. Power used within the 30,000 square feet data centre is free from carbon emissions, being generated entirely from renewable resources.

Smartbunker’s zero carbon energy policy is a preferable alternative to ‘carbon offsetting’ in which carbon emitted by traditional energy supplies is theoretically neutralised by projects designed to extract carbon from the environment. Smartbunker provides a new concept for customers looking for a highly competitive managed hosting service with minimal environmental impact.

“The zero carbon energy used in the data centre costs a little more than standard supplies but this is offset by the power saving derived from the design of our infrastructure. All the elements of Smartbunker’s design, combined with Centrinet’s proven expertise, guarantees that our customers have all the service and environmental benefits at no additional cost,” said Kelly Smith, managing director at Smartbunker.

To deliver guaranteed high performance with reduced environmental impact, Smartbunker exclusively uses IBM BladeCenter servers that integrate servers, networks, storage and applications in highly efficient one-inch systems, which sit in a rack like books on a shelf. IBM BladeCenter utilises unique innovation from IBM, including Calibrated Vectored Cooling, which manages air intake, fan placement and zone cooling technologies to maximise the airflow inside the blade server for optimal cooling efficiency. The system also utilises energy-efficient power supplies that deliver as much as 90 per cent power supply efficiency savings.

BT provides Smartbunker with triple-redundant tier one Internet connectivity, and Ecotricity, which leads green electricity retail and wind turbine development in the UK, supplies Smartbunker with zero carbon electricity. Smartbunker uses Ecotricity’s ‘New Energy Plus’ service with electricity generated from 100 per cent renewable resources. Energy in the data centre is derived from wind power, the world’s fastest growing sustainable energy source.

“By creating a zero carbon energy data centre, Smartbunker has set an important precedent for the data industry,” commented Dale Vince OBE, founder and managing director at Ecotricity. “We are pleased to be partnering with a company whose focus is on both service excellence, and utilising New green energy from Ecotricity, the only green energy that actually delivers zero carbon emissions.”

Jacqueline Davey, director of IBM’s Systems and Technology division said, “Smartbunker has taken one of the most pressing data centre dilemmas, uniting excellent service with environmental responsibility, and created a practical solution.”

Managed hosting services provided by Smartbunker will immediately appeal to companies who are unwilling to compromise on quality of service, security and price, but who wish to benefit from Smartbunker’s impeccable environmental credentials.

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