SMARTER Partners Sale Away to Sunnier Climes!

Ever been driving up the M6 in the rain to another sales meeting and dream that you could be jetting off for a sun soaked fortnight in the Bahamas? Well with Chess, that dream just might become a reality.

Chess’ brand new incentive launched this month is designed so that every deal a SMARTER Partner brings in takes them a few miles closer to their dream holiday destination.

This latest incentive follows the success of the ‘Wrap it Up’ Partner promotion that gave partners the opportunity to get out of Christmas shopping… by getting Chess to do it for them! Wrap it Up culminated with the efforts of Howard – the little Wii elf – who was issued with the challenge of getting Christmas 2007’s most hard to find present, demonstrating the lengths Chess will go to please its partners.

In the same way as ‘Wrap it Up’, Chess’ Summer Holiday Incentive rewards Partners with points based on the size of the deals they make on top of their normal industry leading commissions. In June, SMARTER Partners can then exchange their points for their choice of holiday destination.

And, when you work hard, you deserve a good holiday so the more points SMARTER Partners collect, the more far-flung and exotic they can go.

“Our latest incentive is designed to reward Partners for their hard work by giving them a well earned rest,” said Chess sales director Warren Pryer. “Most channel incentives reward top performing partners with trips away with suppliers but the feedback we have had suggests that most would prefer to go away with their friends and families. We also recognise that our partners have very diverse tastes and thought it was important to let them choose a holiday that appeals to them. We listen to our partners and are focused on giving them what they want. Our Summer Holiday incentive is a great example of this.”

All new and existing SMARTER Partners are eligible for the incentive and you can register right up until May. But remember, the longer you have to the collect the points, the higher your total will be in June. A few weeks could mean the difference between a cruise down the Nile and a Narrow boat to Stoke, a fortnight in the Caribbean and a wet weekend in Wales!

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