Smarter Signal Rating

Smarter Mobile Signal Rating is an accreditation given to Landlords, Property Companies and Developers to outline the quality of mobile phone network coverage within a building.

Often businesses who just relocate to new premises can find that they have no coverage at all from their existing network, whereas in their previous building their signal was excellent.

Lack of mobile coverage for any business could mean huge losses and reduction of your workforce efficiency.

Now for the first time landlords, serviced office companies and developers can obtain an independent stamp of approval outlining the mobile phone signal strengths from each network operator.

The Smarter Signal Rating will be given once a mobile survey has been undertaken on the premises. Once the building has been surveyed an independent report will be given based on the findings for each network operator. These findings could then be published in any sales brochure aimed at procuring new tenants.

Julia McNally, Business development manager for Smarter Mobile says : “We will go into any building and measure the signal strengths from all mobile phone networks, giving a true indication of the quality of 2G, 3G and 4G signals. Companies don’t have to rely on information provided to them online by the network operators, as this information can sometimes be inaccurate, especially inside a building.”

McNally continues: “This information will not only give Landlords a great sales angle, but it will give companies the peace of mind that they will be moving into a new building knowing that their mobile phones will work.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine
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