SMEs Benefit from Tailored Virus Protection

IT and internet services provider Redstone Managed Solutions has launched RedProtect E-mail, a managed anti-spam and virus guard service for small to medium-sized enterprises.

RedProtect E-mail offers outsourced protection against attack from spam and viruses in order to provide SMEs with the best possible protection without a requirement for IT skills. RedProtect E-mail scans all inbound and outbound email at the network gateway for specific keywords, phrases or patterns, including URL analysis and multilingual heuristic tests.

“Research has found that 44 per cent of SMEs have become victims of cyber crime, losing revenues estimated at £750 m each year. Six out of ten businesses admit they could not continue if their IT systems fail, yet almost seven out of ten admit their IT systems are inadequately protected,” said Tariq Saied, managing director of Redstone Managed Solutions.

With daily e-mail traffic having increased from 76.8 billion in 2004 to 123.2 billion in 2007 and over 1,000 new viruses emerging each month, SMEs, who may not have invested in, or upgraded to adequate protection, could be easy targets for viruses, spyware, eavesdropping, phishing, hacking, data theft, spam and exposure to inappropriate material.

The service is built on multi-layer fault tolerant architecture housed in multiple Redstone UK Data Centres and updates automatically from a global network of threat analysis centres.

Saied added: “The spread and diversity of e-mail threats is on the rise. Networks are becoming increasingly vulnerable, leading to the loss of time, confidential information and focus on core business activities.”

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