SMEs Understand VoIP say Westcon

Neil Moulton, head of voice sales, Westcon Group UK has told Comms Business Magazine that he thinks we have reached a point where small businesses understand VoIP – the basics of how it works and what it can do for them as many business owners have tried out Skype and similar services either in their businesses or at home.

“In a way, Skype has helped to educate the market and to create a genuine pull for the next level of VoIP products.
On IP-Telephony, the last few months have been very exciting for our partner resellers who are targeting SMBs as Avaya, Nortel and Mitel have all released high performing products aimed at the SMB market.

Avaya one-X Quick Edition for example has really shaken up the market – data resellers wanting to get into voice have an easy introduction with this product. It uses a SIP-based peer-to-peer solution with the software built into the phones. These phones automatically discover each other on the LAN. A reseller can set up a system within an hour and offer voicemail and conferencing and expansion is as simple as adding another phone.

The approach from Mitel with the CXI suite of products is to offer extra functionality into an IP-PBX package, with an integrated data switch with powered data ports, firewall, router and broadband access.

Nortel is driving affordability with its BCM50, an all-in-one platform suitable for up to 40 users. On the back of this, the Nortel Building Blocks program is driving resellers to target the SMB sector to offer extra margin on Nortel converged solutions such as voice, data and mobility.

Westcon partner resellers are really reaping the rewards of the growing opportunity with SMBs. We are working closely with resellers to fill-in technical knowledge gaps and to also ensure they have consultative sales skills to not only offer a basic system but to exploit a sale further with extra add-ons, such as call recording.”

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