SME’s Want Functions, not Fancy Features

When it comes to modern communication equipment, UK business end-users want practical features that they can apply, rather than a multitude of features they will never use.

As the costs and complexity of telecoms increases, Britain’s money-conscious companies say they are not prepared to spend thousands of pounds for ‘nice-to-have’ features that they will have no use for.

That’s according to a poll of Liquid Voice call recording resellers across UK, who say that end-users are now tech-savvy enough to dismiss unwanted features in business applications.

“The market is moving more and more towards the ‘solutions sale’ offering end-users applications that deliver business management’ benefits,” says Chris Berry, director of call recording vendor Liquid Voice.

“But companies are no longer prepared to pay over-the-odds for a solution simply because it’s the closest to matching their needs. UK boardrooms are increasingly refusing to pay for features they will never use”.

Leading UK financial services provider The MoneyPlus Group recently invited presentations by four call recording vendors, three of which were deemed unsuitable. Andrew McKenzie, IS Manager, The MoneyPlus Group, comments: “The other systems were too complicated, had more features than we would ever use and, frankly, at four times the price, were not cost-effective. The company did not want to pay for features that we would never use.

“The Liquid Voice call recording solution won hands-down in terms of the features and functionality we wanted, integration with our existing network and price. Importantly, while it integrates perfectly with our phone system and CRM package, it’s a stand-alone system that cannot affect our network should something go wrong”.

Adds Chris Berry of Liquid Voice: “In today’s business environment its vital to get the sale right first time. Trying to sell someone a whole car when all they want is a new tyre is a complete waste of time”.

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