SMS Campaigner from Packet Media

Local media technology company Packet Media has launched a new product – the Packet Media SMS Campaigner, an SMS marketing tool that has proved very popular with trial customers from across the UK.

The tool, which is accessed through an online web interface, provides the user with an easy, simple and high-quality SMS marketing service that is fully compliant with the legal requirements surrounding text message marketing.

Packet Media have, for many years, supplied their clients with SMS gateways – a cost-effective method of sending SMS messages- but found that many customers wanted a flexible front-end solution that integrated with their gateway, which would better manage their contact lists, run analysis on their campaigns, and other functions.

The in-house development team therefore set to work creating a solution that was flexible enough to work in a variety of business environments, with or without a gateway, but that remained simple, and incorporated all the features sought by their gateway clients.

Julian Gallimore, MD and founder of Packet Media, said: “We’re delighted with the new Packet Media SMS Campaigner. We’ve had so much positive feedback in the development stages from trial clients who feel that the campaigner is a really easy, useful way for local businesses and public organisations to engage and connect with customers.

“The SMS Campaigner is the first product to be launched under our growth strategy. We were recently awarded government funding under the Growth Accelerator programme, and are committed to growing our business substantially over the next five years- and likewise in supporting other companies in Staffordshire and the local area to do the same.”

Dean Wynne, Director of Capital Marketing Solutions, one of the companies selected by Packet Media to trial the product, said: “Packet Media’s new online software is a wonderful tool for any business looking at, or currently involved in SMS marketing. It has vastly improved our business model, enabling our clients to send SMS whenever and to whoever they desire without the hassle of passing on their data to a third party. We have many satisfied users within the financial sector- and the support is second to none.”

Packet Media are offering a free trial of their SMS campaigner to businesses in Staffordshire, Shropshire and Cheshire as part of their commitment to supporting local business.

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