SMS reaches 56 million people in the UK

mBlox recently carried out a study into UK mobile marketing use which found that over a third (38%) of UK retailers have used SMS in a campaign, whilst another third (36%) are using a mobile site when reaching out to consumers.

Additionally, 42% of UK retailers have employed an iOS app to reach consumers, followed by 17% using an Android app and 10% a BlackBerry app.

Andrew Bud, chief strategy officer and founder at mBlox, commented: “As our research shows, adoption of SMS by retailers is certainly off to a good start however, with more than 56 million people in the UK regularly using text messages, the potential is enormous. As other mobile technologies seek consumer acceptance, the ubiquity of SMS makes it the ideal medium for retailers to enhance the consumer experience.

“Recent research at CTIA revealed that 59% of UK consumers prefer SMS when being contacted about appointment reminders. In addition, around a third of UK consumers have already used mobile vouchers when shopping – retailers not employing mobile as a contact tool are missing an opportunity due to its sheer reach and scope.”

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