snom Helps Insperix Reduce Operational Costs

snom has announced that Insperix are recommending snom handsets to reduce the costs of Call Centre operation and enable small businesses to deploy effective and high performance call centers in competition to large enterprises.

Insperix are experienced in providing solutions using traditional call centres and are very aware of how expensive setting up a call centre can be. Installing a large proprietary physical call centre is an expensive operation.

“Historically only large corporates could entertain the idea of having a private call centre,” commented Simons Atkins, Senior Consultant at Insperix “this was because only they could afford to have them installed and could manage the ongoing costs to support them.”

In recent projects Insperix have compared this traditional approach to how easy and relatively inexpensive it is to set up a call centre today utilising modern PBX technology and SIP phones such as provided by snom, a PBX (e.g. 3CX) Insperix’s SIPACD software (which turns a PBX into a call centre) and a business class server. The cabling is all based on existing ethernet cables so there is less upheaval as well as less cost involved. This all combines to make it available to small business customers. SMBs can now use all the tools previously only available to large corporates such as professional IVRs with speech recognition and advanced reporting which improves their running efficiency usually saving them money. “Of course, you still need solution support but this is greatly reduced compared to the traditional call centre approach,” added Atkins.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine