Snom Incorporates Camrivox to Deliver CRM Telephony Integration for SMEs

Snom technology AG, developer and manufacturer of VoIP phones and Camrivox Ltd, the developer of CTI software for CRM applications, today announced that they have joined forces to provide a web-delivered CTI product for snom IP Phone users, both new and existing. Through this partnership Computer Telephony Integration for On Demand CRM tools such as is now possible with snom IP Phones regardless of the PBX infrastructure used.

Camrivox’s Flexor CTI software loaded via the web onto the snom VoIP Phones will link to the users’ CRM and Outlook Applications driving it to provide click-to-dial, screen pop ups and on screen telephony control for improved customer retention and advanced business processes. The result is an increased ROI on the CRM tool investment.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) has, until now, traditionally relied upon a large investment in infrastructure, hardware and support staff. As a result, it has to date been limited to large organisations. However, unlike many Enterprise systems the Camrivox snom combination requires no additional servers for it to work.

Snom will use Camrivox’s Flexor CTI software on its VoIP Phones as a simple and cost effective way to integrate CRM tools and Outlook. It will also allow their PBX interoperability Partners – hosted or premise based – to offer a VoIP CRM telephony solution to the channel partner without needing to complete any CRM interoperability requirements.

“We are delighted to be working in partnership with snom,” said Malcolm Wood, CEO, Camrivox. “It is a great fit; we can bring our Salesforce Partner status to snom and their partners. It now means that between us we can offer a simple and cost effective CTI upgrades to those millions of customers currently limited to expensive and complex Enterprise telephony offerings. We believe this allows the SME to reap the rewards of their CRM tool investment at a fraction of the cost of a server based CTI solution.”

“This partnership makes it possible to turn snom phones into convergentwork tools for sales people,” said Dr. Michael Knieling, CFO and Executive Vice President of Marketing and Sales for snom. “In cooperation with Camrivox we offer a comprehensive computer-telephony integration solution that provides a unique added-value to the customer deploying it in his enterprise and that ensures productivity at the highest level.”

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