Snom launches new entry-level model

Snom has launched the D717, an entry-level model of the professional D7xx series of desk IP phones. Breaking the mould for devices of this type, the Snom D717 features a colour display and unique Snom ambient light sensor to ensure secure, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective communication between users.

Snom’s D717 brings the latest in VoIP telephony technology to SMEs at an affordable price. The Snom D717’s versatile features make day-to-day business communication easier than ever.

The D717 also comes with Snom’s new firmware version 10 preinstalled.

The D717 supports up to six SIP accounts, enabling one phone to host six different user accounts. Each account can include personalised configured call lists, call forwarding, auto answer and similar configurable settings. Three keys bordering the display on the right also operate as programmable function keys for speed dial/call forwarding and more call-related features. The multicolour LEDs on these keys indicate the status of these features at a glance, keeping the user informed throughout every step.
The Snom Smart Label in the display indicates the action of the function keys, eliminating the need for paper label inserts, creating a personalised experience for the users. Each user may also explore or adjust the features using the easy-to-use 5-way controller with a premium, chrome look.

The call features of the D717 cover almost all possible scenarios a business user might encounter, for example, one-touch speed dial for frequently called contacts. Other functions include a call hold or wait option (with or without additional music) or the choice of denying or blocking certain callers by adding them to the deny list. Also, users can park or unpark calls, forward the calls easily with a single key stroke, and set up a do not disturb (DND) mode when required.

Multiple language and localisation (time, dial tone) support of the user interface increases the customisation even further, helping to bring colleagues together across multiple locations or time zones. The Snom D717 is also interoperable with all major IP PBX platforms, making the deployment and use easier for PBX operators and end-users.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine