snom Partnership Opens Up Buildings Access Market

snom technology has announced that they have entered into a partnership with TCS TürControlSysteme AG. This agreement involves a new use of the expertise developed by snom from their manufacture of business telephone handsets to provide components for use in third party solutions, in this case in the building access market.

TCS TürControlSysteme AG will be supplying and installing a new electronic component, designed by snom, for use on internal doors to enable voice communications and video installations. This new product provides significant enhancements compared to the previously employed analogue communication technology. SIP-server technology provides snom with the ability to connect the equipment to the Internet. The usage of an IP solution opens up new application scenarios for TCS that go far beyond the possibilities of conventional telephones.

“In snom we have found a partner who has extensive experience in the development of IP communication solutions and this perfectly complements our own expertise in the development and manufacture of high-quality door communication systems”, said Otto Duffner, Chief Executive Officer of TCS. “We are also assured that the ‘Engineered in Germany’ quality characteristic that we value will be applied to all our joint new products.”

Markus Schmitt-Fumian, CEO of snom technology AG, added: “The solutions developed in cooperation with TCS once again demonstrate the potential provided by modern IP-based communication technologies. The networking of different areas of home automation enables a huge improvement in comfort, safety, and quality of service.”

“The TCS partnership is primarily a Germany venture, but this latest development is significant to UK manufactures as well. It illustrates that at snom we are always interested to work with developers who have opportunities for IP based communications to be integrated to extend their product set, and who will value the engineering quality and security capabilities inherent in the snom products” comments John Bennett Managing Director of snom UK.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine