snom Realign Focus

snom technology AG has announced a dramatic change in their strategy for their low end handsets, dropping the price of the 3 series. This price reduction is designed to bring these snom high quality handsets within the reach of UK small businesses.

“We have been working with snom to ensure small businesses can afford to invest in durable high quality handsets that allow them to use the business continuity and unified communications features made possible by SIP and that will maintain for them a good ROI from investing in hardware that will last.” Explained Nick Thompson Chief Operating Officer for snom partner Gradwell “the small business market for VoIP is growing and we have been selling the 300 series of phones for 8 years, they are well proven as a reliable solution with a good ROI for our customers.”

“Since the development costs for these handsets were written down some years ago and the software is kept up to date with firmware upgrades developed from our higher end handset models this is a natural move to pass these cost savings on to snom customers” explained John Bennett Managing Director of snom UK.

The 3 series handsets originally primarily sold to medium to large enterprises for use with a wide range of on-site IP PBXs, more recently the small business market has become an increasingly important sector for snom UK and snom service provider customers are increasingly offering snom handsets for their cloud based VoIP services because of the ease of auto configuration enabling them to bring customers on line rapidly.

“In the UK the SME market is key to snom and by reducing prices on the 3 series we can ensure these businesses have the option of a low cost introductory model without the loss of resilience, reliability and ongoing feature support that they may be driven to in today’s tough economy” added Bennett.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine