snom Unveils VoIP PA Solution

snom technology AG, a developer and manufacturer of IP phones, has developed a new audio device that will allow SIP-based VoIP telephones to be used as an extension of any public address system, significantly reducing the costs associated with this type of system. The PA1 will be unveiled at CeBIT in March in Hanover, Germany (Hall 13/Stand C42).

The snom PA1 is an audio control system that augments the SIP-based PBX and is ideal for broadcasting announcements or playing music. The PA1, which can be used anywhere from reception areas to airports, has a built-in four-watt amplifier that can provide enough volume to fill large rooms and open spaces with sound using easily connected external speakers. Headset connection is also possible through two 3.5mm jacks.

The PA1 continues snom’s tradition of simple intuitive design and ease of integration by having its own private phone number in the same way that all devices connected to an SIP system do for ease of integration. snom’s PA1 combines excellent technological capabilities with significant cost-saving potential. While the device has been specifically designed for use with the snom OCS edition, it can link with all SIP-based VoIP telephones and business IP PBX platforms and protects existing investment.

snom’s public address device is exceptionally flexible. It can be used with an AC adapter or operated over an ethernet connection and it can be mounted on a wall or ceiling bracket. The PA1 can also be linked to any existing installed public address loudspeakers, eliminating the need for additional fully fledged SIP-based public announcement systems; this allows a company to have a state-of-the-art communication system without the huge price tag. A further benefit of the PA1 is that all configurations and updates to the system can be carried out centrally.

Nelly Monkhouse, UK Sales Manager, said: “We are really pleased to add the PA1 to our product portfolio. We have designed the product based on our core values of quality and simplicity. The device really holds true to snom’s ideal of excellent sound quality and even across a network of 100 metres of cabling, there is no reduction in sound quality. The PA1 is a cost-effective, high-quality solution for all business needing a SIP-based public address system.”

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