SolarWinds Empowers MSPs

SolarWinds N-able has announced the launch of N-central 10 platform. The comprehensive RMM platform helps transform the way managed service providers (MSPs) support their small to midsize business (SMB) customers while driving the highest levels of MSP growth and profitability. Many of the new features and enhanced functionality found within N-central 10 are the result of feedback from the industry MSP Elite and Super Elite partner communities.

In lockstep with this launch, the company announced it is now operating under a new brand name, SolarWinds N-able. The move allows the RMM leader, previously known as N-able by SolarWinds, to take better advantage of the recognition, market longevity and success associated with the SolarWinds brand. In 2013, SolarWinds announced the acquisition of N-able Technologies giving the company the capability to enhance its RMM offerings with SolarWinds technology and deliver a greater range of services to its MSP partners worldwide. The new brand name also reflects of the increasing synergy between the two companies.

“It’s a milestone year as we celebrate the launch of our most significant RMM platform to date and the ongoing success of our acquisition by SolarWinds,” says JP Jauvin, general manager, SolarWinds N-able. “N-central 10 is the first major platform release as a SolarWinds offering and our partners are clearly seeing the benefits. We are excited to bring N-central 10 to market and will continue develop and enhance the platform to help ensure they lead the market and are able to differentiate themselves. N-central 10 is the biggest release in our company’s history, and we hope that it will fast become one of the most influential and services-critical technology platforms fueling MSPs’ success worldwide.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine