SolarWinds Tackles The Slow App Syndrome

SolarWinds has announced extensive correlation and visibility into the database and the layers that support it with enhancements to SolarWinds Database Performance Analyser (DPA), delivering database administrators – or DBAs – valuable insight into the database’s impact on other layers of an application stack and empowering them to provide their IT departments with the solution to the common concern: “Why is this app so slow?”

SolarWinds DPA continuously monitors SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase and DB2 databases on physical, cloud-based and VMware servers to identify database performance issues that impact end-user response times, isolate root cause, show historical performance trends, and correlate metrics with response time and performance. In its latest version, SolarWinds DPA 9.0 adds storage resource visibility and correlation, providing database admins with insight into how storage I/O issues contribute to poor response time; and adds metric baselining and alerting, which enables DBAs to pinpoint the root cause of performance issues within minutes.

“Simply put, application performance is database performance, so when apps are slow, fingers often point at the database and the DBA. However, since databases are complex and full of core critical information, we need to look to the DBAs not to place blame, but to find solutions,” said Gerardo Dada, vice president of product marketing, SolarWinds. “Now with SolarWinds DPA 9.0, DBAs have insight both into the performance of databases and how they work with other components that support an app. In this way, DBAs essentially become the performance gurus of an IT department, offering a single truth that aligns teams behind facts and empowers them to take action.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine