Solicall Launch PBXMate

Software vendor Solicall has launched a noise reduction unit they claim will great assist the clarity of voice calls on IP PBX systems.

In their words.

“When was the last time you were able to conduct a conference call without suffering from the annoying street noise, generated by at least one of the participants in that call? Or those low quality incoming calls from cell phone, when the wind blows all the way to your ear? And haven’t you ever caught yourself doing something else while you were talking on the phone? Typing away at the keyboard or performing some other mindless task? Now you can stop being troubled by these day-to-day scenarios.

Solicall came up with the perfect solution for you and your business. Our innovative technology will help you cut down on having that extra noise transmitted during your business calls. Solicall reduces the background noise and improve the voice clarity.
SoliCall’s PBXMate can work with any VoIP PBX that supports SIP. Be it street noises, keyboard strokes or common noises in call centres originating from the other party, Solicallwill help you reduce any background noise. Solicall will cover all angels for you by giving you a bi-directional solution that will remove noise coming from external phones and cut down noise that is originated in your office (e.g. phone ringing, keyboard tapping etc.).

Different vendors sell products that reduce only stationary noises. As opposed to these common solutions, Solicall’s algorithm identifies the speaker’s voice and extracts it from the audio signal.

Therefore all background noise are filtered out and prevented from entering the telephony network.

Solicall offers dramatic improvement of phone calls’ quality. Using basic dial plan you have in your VoIP PBX, you can use Solicall’s PBXMate in different ways, like filtering all calls entering a conference room to enhance the audio quality in conference calls.”

Additionally the vendor says you can use the device to reduce background noise coming from external cellular phones or from other external systems.

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