Solutions, Not Systems say CTI Group

CTI Group’s Head of Product and Marketing, Warren Drummond says most resellers now talk to potential clients about ‘solutions’ rather than systems.

“They realise that the deeper the understanding of a potential client’s business that they have, the more they increase their capacity to generate a sales opportunity. Call Management has traditionally been a card that many resellers have been reluctant to play as it was generally seen as a ‘nice to have’ functionality. CTI is now experiencing is a change in attitude from both the reseller community and the end user.

The UK is infamous for its ability to talk itself in to a recession and whist the current economic climate is not of our making, it has highlighted the fact that customers will respond more positively if suppliers are engaging them in discussions about rationalising and monitoring telephony expenditure. As the current economic climate takes hold, organisations of all sizes are looking for ways to monitor activity and regulate expenditure. There is always an opportunity if your business is adaptable enough to respond to change.

The use of applications such as Call Management as a tool to open up dialogue with potential new customers has traditionally not been fully utilised. Savvy resellers are now realising that they can use it as a way of introduction to new clients and many are witnessing an upturn in profits as a result. CTI is now delivering Call Management solutions that integrate with other applications such as VoIP quality management and Call Recording.

This inherently gives our resellers greater opportunities to keep selling to the same customer time after time. After all, it is essential that we do not lose focus on our existing base, whilst we continue to also look for new opportunities.”

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