Sophos Launches MSP Connect

Sophos has announced MSP Connect, a new partner programme that enhances the capabilities of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) by simplifying the complexities of managing multiple security solutions across multiple customers. The new programme is also designed to help MSPs enhance their operational efficiency and profitability.

A growing number of enterprises are turning to MSPs to protect them against the rapid growth of sophisticated cyberattacks that are capable of targeting any area of vulnerability in the IT estate. This means managing endpoint, server, network, web and email security products across multiple platforms and increasingly on employees’ mobile devices. The mix of traditional and next generation technology available from multiple vendors has placed additional administrative burdens and extra costs on MSPs.

MSPs are now able to manage all Sophos solutions for every customer through a centralised management platform, Sophos Central.

Within Sophos Central is Sophos Central-Partner, a specialised dashboard that allows MSPs to distribute licenses, add new customers on demand, cross-sell and upsell services, drive recurring revenue and have a clear, real-time perspective on all customer activity.

“MSPs benefit from aggregate licensing models, and with Sophos they will also benefit from more effective synchronised security.

The Sophos Central-Partner dashboard will enable MSPs to manage security for endpoint, mobile, network, email, web, wireless and data privacy solutions in a single pane of glass, which is absolutely essential when business owners and employees are working in and out of the office with multiple devices,” said Scott Barlow, vice president, global MSP, Sophos. “The intelligence sharing and automated response to incidents through our Security Heartbeat technology enables partners to more efficiently provide uninterrupted world-class service to protect and defend against threats. All of this is available through flexible billing models that are easy for MSPs to implement and designed for greater profitability.”

“Sophos’ MSP Connect simplifies the delivery of security technology and services in ways that MSPs of all sizes should value,” said Scott Crawford, research director of the Information Security practice at 451 Research. “Partners can enhance customer satisfaction while reaching prospects more efficiently with technology that breaks down silos across multiple products. MSP Connect’s inclusion of Sophos’ Synchronised Security helps to set the program apart, showcasing one of the few security portfolios to actually integrate functionality across both endpoint and network solutions.”

“In order to grow, my team needs to leverage vendors like Sophos with security solutions that protect against all vulnerabilities, whether in the network, on the endpoint, in the cloud or wherever an end user may travel with their mobile device,” said Karl Bickmore, partner, Snap Tech IT, a Sophos MSP in Tempe, Arizona. “With Sophos MSP Connect, we can also focus on and expand into vertical markets, as well as have the peace of mind that we are deploying the most advanced security available. This lets us build solid, trustworthy relationships and continue to provide invaluable advisory services for our customers.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine