Sorex Wireless transforms mobile phone into electronic key

Austrian company, Sorex Wireless has developed the wirelessKey, an innovative application that transforms almost any Bluetooth-enabled mobile telephone into an electronic key.

All the technology is housed in the Sorex Wireless bluetooth module which communicates with the mobile phone. Each handset is registered once and is then automatically identified according to its unique Bluetooth MAC address. The Sorex wirelessKey is already in operation throughout the German-speaking world.

Specifically designed for businesses, the professional version of Sorex wirelessKey can accommodate up to 1,000 users per console. Access rights are managed centrally via the company’s network using software developed by Sorex. This means that rights can be added or revoked at any time simply by pressing a button.

Each professional module has its own internet address (IP address) making the system suitable for businesses with multiple locations. The Sorex wirelessKey can be used to authenticate employee identity, manage access control and log working times.

Sorex founder and CEO, Christian Csank, said: “The advantages of the system include its suitability for daily use, security and ease of operation. There is no need to reconfigure that handset that will be used as the electronic key.”

The system can be programmed to grant individuals access to specific entry points at specific times of day. There is no need to provide employees, suppliers and service staff with a key. All they will need to access company premises is a mobile telephone.

One advantage of the system for private users is that it can be used to grant access to all the residents of a building with a registered Bluetooth mobile phone. Up to ten individuals can be registered per console. New and older Bluetooth mobile phones are compatible with the technology. Besides automatic access and garage control, additional services such as alarm system deactivation are also available.

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