Southgate takes reigns at TMAC

Julie Southgate has taken over the helm at TMAC as managing director, with Chris Everitt stepping aside from his role at the dealer to focus entirely on Panaramix.

Everitt and Southgate remain major shareholders in TMAC, with Everitt becoming chairman of the business, plus managing director at Panaramix.

Southgate commented: “Chris has increased his involvement with Panaramix over the last year and a half while I have effectively been running TMAC for over a year. We decided that it needed to be made official. Chris is getting sucked into all sorts of fantastic opportunities with the new venture and that’s great, but we have a duty to continue to service our database of SME customers that we have built up over a number of years.”

Everitt added: “I need to leave the mobile dealership behind now and move on; Julie will undoubtedly make a success out of TMAC. The industry reaction to the Panaramix proposition has been so positive that my time needs to be totally focused on it from day one, on 1 September. Understanding how best to incorporate our proposition into dealers’ everyday sales efforts is the first major challenge that we face and one that I am sure we will overcome.”

Providing customers with a quality and stable service is what has built and retained TMAC’s customer base within mobile, said Southgate. “Managing that with the rollercoaster of changing propositions offered by the networks has always been a challenge, but over the last 18 months it been tougher than ever before. It needs proper focus!” explained Southgate.

She continued: “The trading conditions may be tough out there and we are having to work harder to do the same level of business we have in previous years, but my intention is to grow the business team at the same time as partnering fewer airtime providers and focusing on our strengths.”

Southgate added that as an independent dealer, TMAC’s strength lies in its high qualiy of service. She intends to push Panaramix as a clear differentiator. She said: “As a dealer I can sell Panaramix right now as there are no hardware requirements, and I can earn ongoing revenue from a product that the networks can’t offer. For winning and retaining customers, I want this and other products like it that can help fuel my growth plans.”

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