Specialist DQ Service from Unicom

Two independent businesses have teamed up to create a pioneering cost-saving scheme for temporary workers.

Unicom, based in Manchester and which specialises in telecoms for small business, and de Poel Consulting, which specialises in the strategic management of both temporary labour and permanent recruitment, have launched a directory enquiries service for the thousands of workers on de Poel’s database.

Unicom and de Poel’s proposition of a branded and exclusive directory enquiries service for workers means a significant cost-saving.

“de Poel Consulting, based in Cheshire, has a database of thousands of temporary workers, and we are now offering those workers access to their own 118944 directory enquiries number,” said Tony Eagleton of Unicom.

“It provides a cost-saving bonus to the workers on the database, forges a two-way loyalty link between de Poel and Unicom, and generates revenues for both organisations.

“People are often reluctant to change suppliers, sign contracts or spend money on new services but de Poel’s workers will be completely free to choose whether and when they use this service.

“We’re confident that they will because it is genuinely better value than most comparable services – Unicom’s directory enquiries service is every bit as good as BT’s, but up to 31% cheaper than the key players in the market.
“Technology and built-in capacity mean we are able to provide the service and create cost saving for all concerned.

“It is branded de Poel Consulting directory enquiries, but the entire process is managed by Unicom through its 118777 Limited subsidiary.”

Priced at 49p connection charge and 14p per minute, 118777 undercuts the three main current directory enquiry service providers – 118118 by 28%, Yellow Pages’ 118247 by 30% and BT’s 118500 by 31% – for an average-duration call.

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