Spectra Logic Announces Two New Partners

Spectra Logic is celebrating the four-year anniversary of its global Spectra Video Surveillance (VS) division, and announcing new agreements with two VS partners, Convergint Technologies and Salient Systems. Spectra Logic’s Video Surveillance solutions are uniquely suited for both traditional and niche surveillance environments, including state and local entities, municipalities, police departments, medical marijuana organisations, smart cities, public transportation and universities.

Storage is a critical component of today’s video surveillance IT initiatives due to the pressures of changing legal mandates, extended retention policies, and the movement to proactively store video surveillance footage indefinitely. As the market shifts and new sub-verticals emerge, Spectra Logic has enhanced its solution portfolio to meet evolving VS storage requirements.

Spectra has forged a partnership with Convergint Technologies, a global service-based systems integrator that delivers complete solutions to video surveillance end users. Spectra tape, disk and hybrid cloud solutions offer a storage platform for large amounts of surveillance video to Convergint customers worldwide.

“Convergint chose to partner with Spectra Logic because Spectra’s data storage solutions are easy to use, reliable and affordable, thus providing peace of mind to video surveillance customers who need to store large amounts of footage,” said Tony Varco, Vice President of Security for Convergint Technologies. “Storage solutions are a growing requirement for video surveillance IT environments that must meet legal mandates and store footage indefinitely.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine