Spitfire launches ISDN30 Call Diversion Service

Voice and data solution provider Spitfire has extended its ISDN30e Call Diversion Service, allowing clients to keep their existing numbers when moving. This service does not rely on Voice over IP (VoIP) or SIP and Spitfire believes it is a unique way to keep phone numbers when moving outside an exchange area. The service uses forwarding technology to deliver calls to any UK number for a fixed cost of 1p per minute, and a rental cost of £5.00 per month for a single DDI range. Individual DDI numbers will be forwarded to a corresponding DDI number at the new site.

Further options include being able to divert calls from a single DDI range to multiple destinations. For example, if one branch was closing, the DDI range could be split so some numbers were diverted to one office and other numbers to a different office. DDIs can also be set up to be diverted to mobiles or international calls.

The service is designed to either work seamlessly on a permanent basis, or during a transition phase in conjunction with new numbers at the new site. Tom Fellowes, Sales Director, said “Every business that is moving should use this service. The costs are significantly cheaper than BT’s Caller Redirect service (CNI) and rather than just play a generic message with the new main number, we actually deliver calls from a specific DDI to the correct new DDI at the new premises. The service is cheaper, better and more flexible than anything else on the market for ISDN30e moves.”

The service also integrates with Spitfire’s VoIP SIP Trunking service and Auto Divert Back-up service. Spitfire’s SIP Trunking service allows calls to be delivered to the new site without incurring the 1p per minute set up charge. The Auto Divert Back-up service allows calls to be forwarded to another site or to individual mobiles in the event of a line failure at an office. This should be an integral part of a businesses Disaster Recovery planning.

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