Spitfire Launches Super-Fast ADSL 2+ Business Broadband

Spitfire, the business telecommunications operator and ISP, has become one of the first to connect to BT’s 21st Century Network (21CN), allowing the provision of super-fast ADSL2+ broadband circuits to Spitfire customers, with download speeds of up to 24Mb.

Spitfire can provide ADSL 2+ nationally wherever BT has upgraded the local exchange to 21C network standard with ADSL2+ compatibility. Currently 204 exchanges are scheduled to be live by the end of 2008, rising to 589 by April 2009. This means that most of London and many other UK business centres will be served by Spitfire ADSL2+ by next spring, allowing Spitfire customers to benefit from significantly faster business broadband.

Maximum download speed for Spitfire ADSL2+ is 24Mb, dependent on customer distance from the local exchange and the quality of the telephone link. Upload speeds are dependent on the Spitfire service selected by the customer:

ADSL2+ Premium service at £49 per month provides up to 1.2Mb upstream bandwidth.

ADSL2+ Standard service at £29 per month provides up to 448Kb of upstream bandwidth.

In addition, traffic on ADSL2+ Premium is prioritised over ADSL2+ Standard so at busy times it will offer faster speeds and lower latency.

Spitfire’s ADSL2+ is intended for business quality communications. Unlike many competitors, Spitfire does not traffic shape or block ports. Public IP addresses are provided free of charge with TotalCare 24/7 Support and other high-level support options. The service is subject to a standard fair usage policy.

For Spitfire, Susie Ward, Marketing and HR Director said, “ADSL2+ is a development of our existing ADSL Max product and it is as reliable as conventional ADSL broadband. For mission critical applications we can provide a back-up connection, which costs from just £15 per month. With many businesses now requiring fast download and upload broadband speeds for e-commerce applications we anticipate a high demand for ADSL2+.”

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