Spitfire Meets the Need for Speed with VDSL2

ISP and Internet Telephony Service Provider Spitfire has launched VDSL2 next generation broadband, providing customers with speeds of up to 40Mb downstream and 10Mb upstream.

VDSL2 (Very high-speed Digital Subscriber Line) from Spitfire uses fibre from the local exchange to the BT cabinet in the street to provide bandwidths of up to 40Mb downstream, five times faster than conventional ADSL. Upload speeds of up to 10Mb are available on Spitfire’s Premium VDSL2 service and up to 2Mb on the Standard VDSL2 service.

As fibre is used to the local cabinet this should also extend the ‘reach’ of VDSL2, meaning greater coverage for businesses currently restricted by distance limitations on ADSL. Spitfire VDSL2 is available where BT has enabled Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) at the customer’s required location. At present there are approximately 100 exchanges within the UK that have been enabled, with a further 100 due to come online over the next twelve months.

Spitfire offers two VDSL2 services with unlimited monthly usage: VDSL2 Premium Unlimited, up to 40Mb up to 10Mb upstream and VDSL2 Standard Unlimited, up to 40Mb downstream, up to 2Mb upstream.

Spitfire provides free ADSL migration and upgrade to the VDSL2 service. Static IP addresses are included as standard with unlimited telephone support. Spitfire can also provide fully managed solutions including VPN (Virtual Private Network) and firewall configuration.

Tom Fellowes, Sales Director commenting for Spitfire said, “Many business customers need VDSL2 because they are deploying more and more bandwidth hungry applications, including VoIP and video conferencing. Spitfire’s VDSL2 is a highly cost-effective solution to the need for faster upstream and downstream bandwidth, at under £40 a month for the Standard service. We anticipate great demand for the VDSL2 service.”

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