Spitfire Network Services launches game-changing £75PM FTTC Ethernet

Spitfire Network Services has announced the launch of FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) Ethernet service with full Quality of Service SLAs for VoIP for only £75 a month. The new FTTC Ethernet service offers up to 20Mb of uncontended download and upload, with the download burstable up to 80Mb. With unlimited data usage it is intended to bridge the gap between business broadband and pure leased line Ethernet circuits, which can be difficult to cost-justify for SME customers.

Because the new FTTC Ethernet service can support both voice and data connectivity, it can replace two broadband circuits used separately for voice and data, making it an extremely price competitive alternative for customers. The SLAs and supplied Quality of Service (QoS) configuration mean that the new FTTC Ethernet offering can be used both for voice applications such as hosted telephony and high-speed data connectivity with full confidence. Spitfire also offers a range of competitively priced backup solutions to ensure resilience and business continuity.

Commenting on the launch, Dominic Norton, Sales Director for Spitfire stated, “Our new FTTC Ethernet offering is a game-changer for the market, making high-speed Ethernet affordable for SMEs. The SLAs with the service mean customers can use it to for both voice and data applications with full confidence. With the rapid growth of both VoIP and cloud based data services, customers now have a critical need for assured connectivity, which is not available on standard broadband products.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine