Spitfire offers Bonded Internet Service for high speed ADSL

Spitfire, the business ISP and Internet Telephony Service Provider has launched a Bonded Internet Service offering customers double or even quadruple Internet speeds at a fraction of the cost of current available alternatives. The Bonded Internet Service joins two, three or four ADSL or SDSLM channels together to provide a single high-bandwidth connection for users.

The cost to customers is a simple multiple of the line charges giving a highly resilient, high bandwidth solution for applications such as VoIP telephony. The service allows up to 15 high quality calls per ADSL line, providing a major cost benefit for customers, especially those with a high volume of outbound calls.

Customers uploading large graphic files and using bandwidth-hungry applications, such as FTP will see major time saving benefits from the service. The solution will also deliver a major benefit for companies using conferencing and video to the desktop applications. The problem of Internet speed degradation faced by customers remote from a local exchange is also overcome.

The service has been both lab and field tested by Spitfire prior to its launch with impressive performance results delivering anything up to 90 percent of maximum available bandwidth.

For Spitfire, Susie Ward Marketing and HR Director commented, “With the massive growth of VoIP telephony and cloud computing placing ever-greater demands on bandwidth, a service such as this will open up the choke points that have restricted our customers’ ability to benefit from the massive cost reductions available through IP calls, SaaS computing and remote teleworking. We see the Bonded Internet Service as complementary to our SIP Trunk service, enabling both greater bandwidth increased resilience for our customers using SIP.”

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