Spitfire to Host 3CX Phone System for Partners

3CX and Spitfire have announced that Spitfire will host 3CX Phone System v14 for 3CX Partners in the UK. 3CX will be added by Spitfire to its own Cloud Distribution platform. Spitfire is offering 3CX in the Cloud as a self-configured / self-managed solution or as a fully managed service to suit customers individual capabilities and requirements. Adding 3CX in the Cloud to Spitfire’s portfolio enables Spitfire’s customers to take advantage of 3CX’s award winning technology and feature set.

With 3CX in the cloud, customers will have a dedicated PBX separated from and unaffected by other tenants. In addition they will have access to all the features of the on-premise version such as web conferencing, instant chat, presence and so on. Furthermore, they can choose their preferred telecom vendor and retain the ability to move from hosted to on-premise whenever they wish.

Nick Galea, CEO, 3CX said, “3CX in the cloud is not a multi-account system, it’s a fully virtualized instance of 3CX Phone System with dedicated PBX services for each customer and complete data separation which sets it apart from old style hosted PBX”.

Tom Fellowes, Spitfire Sales Director, added, “3CX in the Cloud is a game changer in the hosted market-place and we are really excited to be adding this to our portfolio, continuing our tradition of offering the best technical and commercial solutions to our clients.”

Resellers will also enjoy increased flexibility as they will have the option of buying virtual instances hosted by Spitfire, one by one, month by month until it’s more profitable for a reseller to host their own. With 3CX Cloud PBX resellers can deploy up to 25 instances per server in a fully automated way. Partners will be able to support many customers, making it a much more scalable and therefore a much more profitable solution.

This partnership between 3CX and Spitfire opens doors for resellers who have felt that hosting 3CX themselves was not possible. They will now be able to offer their customers a virtual service which will give them and their customers maximum flexibility and high quality.

From 1st February 2016 for three months Spitfire are offering free connection to Spitfire SIP Trunks connected to a 3CX in the Cloud system, saving up to £80 per instance of 3CX in the Cloud.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine