SpliceCom Channel Team Increase Profits for Skyline Taxis

SpliceCom Reseller Dolphin Business Systems has teamed up with Taxi application specialists Command Software to provide seamless integration between maximiser and the CabMaster booking system.

The vendor notes that by using their maximiser’s voice processing capabilities and integral text-to-speech engine, Dolphin have developed a complete Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution to allow callers to book a taxi from one of many regular addresses, at a time to suit them, without ever needing to speak to an operator.

This frees up valuable operator time, allowing them to deal with queries, etc., while the automated system handles the needs of regular customers. A taxi can be booked in advance, on account and when customers call back, the system can even tell them the make, model, colour and registration number of their taxi. This ensures that customers feel secure in the knowledge that they are getting into the right vehicle.

For those clients who still wish to talk to an operator, CabMaster’s integration with maximiser allows the details of previous callers to be automatically displayed when they next call, allowing fast and easy despatch of vehicles.

Because the CabMaster system does not require use of a private mobile radio link to the vehicle, Operators can be home based, utilising SpliceCom’s PCS 60 or PCS 50 IP softphone applications to provide a complete remote working solution.

Dolphin has installed the maximiser/CabMaster system at Data Cars in London, 001 Taxis in Oxford and Bluebell Taxis in Liverpool, with many others in the process of being installed, however, the first customer was Skyline Taxis.

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