SpliceCom fulfil Channel demand with entry-level Call Server expansion

SpliceCom, the IP convergence company whose award winning maximiser Unified Communication platforms combine voice, video, IP TV and web enabled IT applications at the desktop today announced a capacity increase for their 5108 Call Server for Branch Offices and Small Businesses.

“Over maximiser’s lifetime we’ve witnessed a continuous growth in terms of numbers shipped, average system size and addressable markets,” says Robin Hayman, SpliceCom’s Director of Marketing & Product Management. “Because of its modular architecture, as we’ve addressed ever larger customers not only has the system size grown, the number of sites it’s distributed across typically tends to increase as well. This was the original driver behind the development of a smaller, cost-effective platform, to sit alongside our 5100 Call Server, meeting the Unified Communication needs of the satellite offices of larger organisations – and smaller businesses as well.”

With the introduction of the 5108 Expansion Licence, SpliceCom’s entry-level Call Server now supports up to twelve IP extensions. Alternatively, it can be configured to handle up to four analogue devices and eight IP extensions. Trunk options include two BRIs and up to eight SIP or H.323 connections. All other features are identical to larger 5100 or XS based maximiser systems. “Businesses now demand that their Unified Communication facilities and applications are available in a consistent nature to all their employees, irrespective of location. By increasing the capacity of the 5108 Call Server to meet the pent-up demand from customers and channel alike, the smallest platform in our 5 Series family continues to provide “inclusion” for those working in smaller offices of large organisations,” concludes Hayman.

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