SpliceCom Give Operators Greater Choice

“In today’s business world image is so much more than just important – it’s essential,” says Robin Hayman, SpliceCom’s Director of Marketing & Product Management. “First impressions last forever – and you only get one chance to make a good first impression. Telephone system Operators and Receptionists are generally the first people your prospective customers speak to when they contact your company. More personal than a call centre and still more acceptable than Interactive Voice Response, auto-attendant or voicemail, professional and efficient call handling helps to deliver the image of a well run and efficient company at all times.”

To assist with the delivery of “front-of-house excellence” SpliceCom’s PCS 60 Operators Console has been specifically designed to elevate business productivity and enhance the overall company image. This application for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X platforms offers the following features;

An optional 2nd window for Favourites – SpliceCom’s multi-purpose feature which combines Presence/Busy Lamp Field, Speed Dial/Direct Station Select, Line Appearance, Call Pickup and Visual Status Information within a single icon per user or Department. This flexible facility allows a second dedicated screen to be used for Operators within larger organisations. The Favourites area on the left of the main PCS 60 window can be re-sized, or closed all together to allow more/less/all Favourite icons to appear on the 2nd screen.

In addition to the PCS Operators Console, SpliceCom’s have extended Operator facilities to their PCS 560 & PCS 570 IP Phones. Combining looks, intelligence and desirability in equal measure, the world’s slimmest desktop IP phones provide easy access to the benefits delivered by maximiser, SpliceCom’s range of innovative and award- winning Unified Communications platforms. Ultra sleek in styling, PCS 560 & PCS 570 have both been designed to look great from any angle – including the back, which makes them ideal when commanding a “front-of- house” position. Utilising a totally sealed enclosure with not a screw in sight, SpliceCom have focused on delivering the same ease-of-use associated with mobile phones to Operators and Receptionists. A large, full colour graphics display, eighteen (PCS 570) or nine (PCS 560), intuitive, multi-functional, context sensitive keys, bold, instantly recognisable icons and in the case of the PCS 570, direct connectivity for a USB keyboard combine to deliver a rewarding Operator experience.

Operator mode the Favourite icons reflect identical information to the PCS 60 Operators Console; On Call information, Call Forwarding destination, DND status, Missed Call and New Message count. The PCS 560 displays more information per user, whilst the PCS 570 displays more users on a single screen. This makes the PCS 560 and PCS 570 Operators Terminals the ideal choice for Small Office requirements and as back-up Operators position.

In Business Centre or Multi-Tenancy scenarios, where a Receptionist or Operator has to handle calls on behalf of multiple businesses, SpliceCom’s PCS 60 Operators Console and PCS 560/570 Operators Terminals deliver a “global” view of all companies allowing calls to still be efficiently answered. Who is calling, and which company is being called, can be clearly identified, allowing each call to be answered in an appropriate and business like manner. The PCS 60 Operators Console also allows a different script to be pushed to the PC screen, depending on which company is being rung. This enables the Business Centre to deliver an even higher level of customer service to each client on a truly individual basis.

“In line with our commitment to enable telephony and associated applications to be deployed totally independent of underlying infrastructure, computer operating systems, handset type and geography, the PCS 60 Operators Console provdes the Operator with a great deal of choice,” states Hayman. “It can be deployed as an IP softphone, or as a “Phone Partner” application with IP hardphones or analogue handsets – with or without headsets – and can be run on a Windows or Mac OS X platforms. The PCS 560 and PCS 570 Operators Terminals deliver similar functionality for those who prefer the more traditional approach to the Operator’s role. maximiser’s architecture allows the operator function to be centralised, or, where the requirement is for multiple sites and/or operators, a single operator – or groups of operators – can be dedicated to a site, or can handle calls on behalf of multiple sites. The whole approach to Operators on maximiser is so flexible that for Emergencies, Business Continuity and small companies with a mobile workforce the PCS 60 Operators Console can even be used in conjunction with a mobile phone should the need arise,” concludes Hayman.

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