SpliceCom Goes on the Record

IP Communications company SpliceCom has launched a call recording incentive programme for its UK channel partners.

“At SpliceCom we saw the demand for call recording rise dramatically during 2008,” says Robin Hayman, SpliceCom’s Director of Marketing & Product Management. “Whilst this has predominantly been driven by impending FSA legislation, it’s also becoming an increasingly important application for a broad spectrum of businesses. The ability to review and confirm the content of telephone calls after the event, is now being viewed as a major business benefit by those involved in industries as diverse as construction, healthcare, leisure and IT, as well as legal and finance.”

“The channel’s knowledge of exactly how Call Recording can be positioned and sold for maximum advantage has increased in line with this rise in demand. In particular, the sales edge that can be gained by delivering a Call Recording solution “on-board” the PBX, rather than line-side is now viewed as significant. Call Recording on maximiser is totally independent of the trunk type that the call is delivered over. We don’t need different interface cards to handle recording over SIP, PRI, BRI, DPNSS or H.323 trunks, because it’s all handled within the processing architecture, which can be centralised or distributed across multiple sites. Likewise, Call Recording is delivered independently of handset type; IP, GSM or analogue.

Then there’s the ability to handle the recording transferred calls in an intelligent manner. “Line side recorders can only understand the presentation of a call. They can’t see what happens to it when it hits the PBX, so, by necessity, they have to record everything,” continues Hayman. “When a call is transferred line side recorders prove very inefficient in several ways. Where a call has multiple legs it makes it very difficult to find the section that’s actually required. In addition, valuable disk space is consumed by Music-on-Hold which also has to be recorded. maximiser’s integrated Call Recording allows each leg of a call to be recorded separately, no matter how many times it is transferred. Both SpliceLog Pro, SpliceCom’s call management application, and PeakSuite from AMS, a Business Dashboard delivering real-time business critical information and historical reports, display each ‘individual leg’ of a transferred call, but group them together. This makes it extremely simple to just “click & play” and so listen to an entire call, regardless of how many people the call has been transferred to. And as Music-on-Hold isn’t recorded – there’s no wasted space or time”

“By providing call recording as an integrated application within maximiser, our partners have access to a sophisticated, flexible and easy to use solution, yet one that is considerably more cost-effective and efficient than can be delivered by bolting-on expensive
3rd Party recorders. To ensure that no one misses out on the power of this solution, we are offering our Channel Partners bundled voice processing port and recording licences with each PeakSuite application ordered between now and the end of March,” concludes Hayman.

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