Splicecom Launch Next Gen Call Management & Recording Application for Maximiser

Splicecom has commenced shipping SpliceLog Pro, a single next generation Call Management application for maximiser with integrated call recording capabilities.

Combining the benefits of SpliceLog/SpliceLog Plus and SpliceRecord within a single application, SpliceLog Pro is a 100% web based application with all statistics and reports being viewed and run from and a standard web browser. 14 standard Management Reports are provided plus an additional fully customisable report that allows administrators to select their own criteria to produce a more bespoke output. Set-up via an installation wizard and run as a Windows Service, SpliceLog Pro comes bundled with a MySQL database, but can also be run on Microsoft SQL.

When combined with maximiser’s in-built call recording capabilities, which are provided as standard and capable of recording all incoming and outgoing calls, SpliceLog Pro provides a totally integrated solution which delivers cost-effective call recording to even the smallest of businesses. Details of the call recording – including the ability to “click & play” – are included with the full call logging record of each call. All you need to know is how many concurrent telephone calls need to be record at any one time, allowing the appropriate number of channel licenses to be purchased – these can be added one channel at a time.

Maximiser’s architecture allows each leg of a transferred call to be recorded, no matter how many times it is transferred. One of the key benefits of SpliceLog Pro is that when viewing any ‘individual leg’ of a call, all of the other legs associated with that particular call are also displayed. This makes it incredibly easy to listen to an entire call, regardless of how many people the call has been transferred to.

Each copy of SpliceLog Pro is available with immediate effect and comes with a free 14-day trial licence allowing two concurrent call recordings to be exported.

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