SpliceCom Launch the World’s Slimmest Desktop IP Phones

SpliceCom, the IP convergence company whose award winning maximiser Unified Communications platform combines voice, video, IP TV and web enabled IT applications at the desktop today announced the addition of two new IP Phones to its portfolio – PCS 560 & PCS 570.

Designed to complement other market leading and stylish, high-end IT equipment on the business desktop, SpliceCom’s PCS 560 & PCS 570 IP Phones combine looks, intelligence and desirability in equal measure. The world’s slimmest IP phones provide easy access to the benefits delivered by maximiser, SpliceCom’s range of innovative and award-winning Unified Communications platforms.

As Mark Maden, Managing Director of Manchester based Network Connect, enthused, “Wow, 20 years in the industry and these are the best looking handsets I have seen by miles.”

Ultra sleek in styling, SpliceCom’s PCS 560 & PCS 570 IP Phones have been designed to look great from any angle – including the back. Utilising a totally sealed enclosure with not a screw in sight, SpliceCom have focussed on delivering the same ease-of-use associated with mobile phones to business telephony users. A large, full colour graphics display, eighteen (PCS 570), or nine (PCS 560) intuitive, multi-functional, context sensitive, self-labelling keys and bold, instantly recognisable icons combine to deliver the ultimate user experience. Because the dedicated buttons and controls of other phones can’t be changed, less definitely means more when it comes to PCS 560 & PCS 570 – more clarity, more to see, more functionality all adds up to more time to spend on other tasks.

The wide range of productivity enhancing applications and services available through the PCS 560 & PCS 570 includes;

Favourites, Mobility Control, Unified Directories, Personal Call History Logs, Message Retrieval & Playback, Call Recording and Personal Settings

As each user’s configuration, settings and preferences are held on SpliceCom’s maximiser Unified Communications platform- rather than on the phone as is normally the case – it allows every PCS 560 & PCS 570 to be dynamically loaded with each user’s personal profile as and when required; be that automatically or on log-in for Hot Desk environments. This includes the Home Screen, which is selectable on a User-by -User basis and Favourites; multi-functional Personal Speed Dial, Direct Station Select, Busy Lamp Field, Line Appearance/Call Queuing and Call Pick-up entries and icons. “With PCS 560 & PCS 570 you’re not limited by whatever’s been previously loaded into the pre-programmed keys as is the case with other IP and Digital phones,” said Robin Hayman, SpliceCom’s Director of Marketing & Product Management. ”This makes them the perfect phones for today dynamic and mobile business practices.”

The PCS 570 teams 18 self-labelling keys with unlimited pages on its Full Colour, Context Sensitive Display, whilst PCS 560 features 9 keys. “The colour, clarity and flexibility of the PCS 560 & PCS 570’s display elevate business telephony to a new level,” continues Hayman. “By providing un-limited pages for Favourites, each User can have as many Favourite entries as they like. In addition sub-menus allow an entry for Sales, for example, to display a page – or pages – populated by everyone in Sales. “This feature allows Users to see the availability of the sales team, use one touch dialing or even choose to pick-up their un-answered calls,” concludes Hayman.

SpliceCom’s PCS 560 & PCS 570 are the perfect IP Phones for just about every one and for every role. General everyday business telephony, Call Centre Agent, Administrator, Manager, Operator, Hot Desk phone and Homeworking, SpliceCom’s beautifully designed PCS 560 & PCS 570 prove the ideal phones for just about every task.

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