SpliceCom Sales Hit a High

SpliceCom has announced that they had achieved record sales levels in the three month period ending 31st March 2009 and enjoyed their most successful quarter ever, in terms of both sales revenue and product shipments

Commenting on the UK company’s success over the past three months, SpliceCom CEO Sean Harding said,”We’ve seen an impressive growth in both our UK and International sales during the first quarter of 2009, which is very much down to the hard graft that our channel partners have put in over the past six months. There’s no doubt that the availability of the new PCS 560 and PCS 570 IP handsets have proved to be tremendous ‘door openers’ for us, but the leg work still has to be done to close the deal and win the business, particularly in the tough economic climate that we’re now witnessing.”

“85% of our sales come from the UK. As the sole British manufacturer of business telephone systems, we’re the only vendor for whom the UK is their number one market – not one of our competitors can make a similar claim. In addition, maximiser delivers exceptionally good value for money, providing modern, scalable, feature rich systems at a competitive price point. And the appeal is extremely broad; there is no such thing as a typical maximiser customer. Finally, our clear channel strategy ensures that our products are not over distributed. This allows our partners to win business whilst retaining margin and so provide first class support to their customers. All of these things are important, but they become increasing so when times are tough. Pull them all together and you can begin to understand why we and our channel partners have enjoyed such a fantastic start to 2009,” concluded Harding.

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