SpliceCom Speedy On-Board Programme Hits the Right Note

SpliceCom’s introduction of multi-level initiatives to drastically reduce the time it takes new partner’s to get on-board, win, install and maintain new system sales is proving highly successful.

“We acknowledge that for any reseller, it’s a significant commitment to add a new manufacturer’s product range to their portfolio,” says Stuart Bell, Business Development Manager for SpliceCom. “We’re equally committed to make this task as easy as possible and ensure that every new partner get’s their initial SpliceCom system sales under their belt as quickly as possible and installed with the highest levels of customer satisfaction.”

SpliceCom provide sales training for all channel partners Free of Charge alongside sales/pre-sales manufacturer representation at the Point of Sale, wherever required. “As all our partner relationships in the UK are direct, there’s no distribution in the middle, it means that potential SpliceCom customer’s will always get to meet the vendor, if that’s what’s important to them.”

On the post sales side, SpliceCom’s support team “shadow” the initial system installs made by new partners’, whether its scheduled remote support, on site presence or in most cases attending a pre-staging meeting at the Resellers offices. “Though our intervention is very rarely required, it gives great peace-of-mind to our new partners that our support engineers are primed and ready to assist should any assistance be needed, particularly when they’re putting all their accreditation training into practice,” continues Bell.

Alex Woodhouse of Advanced Digital Communications – who also supply Mitel, NEC and Panasonic systems – has first hand knowledge of this process, having signed-up and installed his first SpliceCom system in October 2013. “Support is outstanding compared to some we have had to suffer. It makes future sales of SpliceCom a pleasure,” said Tony.

SpliceCom are also signing a number of new partners from outside of the traditional voice channels. “We’re experiencing high levels of interest from those looking to expand their primary offerings to included business telephony and unified communications,” continues Bell. “Those with backgrounds in sales of computer platforms, operating systems and virtualisation, come pretty high. They may have had an introduction to telephony through Micrososft Lync, but want to add a telephone system that’s both complimentary and more applicable to non-Enterprise requirements, or alternatively they’re seeking to add Voice as a virtualised application to existing customers’. We’re also finding mobile phone resellers, nome automation specialists and cabling companies beating a path to our door,” continued Bell.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine