SpliceCom & Tri-Line deliver enhanced solution for Informal Call Centres

SpliceCom and Tri-Line have announced the immediate availability of the MultiQueue Wallboard. This is an enhancement to SpliceQueue, an Informal Call Centre application jointly developed by the two companies for SpliiceCom’s award winning maximiser IP business telephone system.

“Every business has a call centre – it might be a cliché but it’s true,” says Robin Hayman, SpliceCom’s Director of Product Management. “And even the smallest business can benefit from call centre technology – providing it’s priced appropriately.”
maximiser provides many advanced Call Centre features “under the skin.” Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Skills Based Capabilities, Call Queuing with entry/update messages and definable limits, Call Recording, Call Routing on CLI, multiple Music-on-Hold zones, Agent Log In/Out and Call Monitoring & Intrude are all supported as standard.

Adding visibility of real-time queue information through Desktop Clients (Windows & Mac OS X) turns maximiser Departments into Informal Call Centres – ideal for Service, Support and Help Desks, etc. The SpliceQueue Desktop Client provides accurate, up-to-date information on how many calls are currently holding, wait time for those calls held in queues – and who they are – real time “agent” status and their response times. A Desktop Client can be configured to present this information for a single Department – or across all Departments. SpliceQueue can also provide a visual warning when certain pre-defined queue parameters are exceeded, for example, if a queued call were to exceed the target wait time. And being a pure IP PBX, maximiser’s distributed architecture allows Informal Call Centre “agents” to be spread across multiple sites – or even to be on the road or working at home – and yet still operate as a single unified Department or Group.

The MultiQueue Wallboard provides a real-time view of calls for up to eight separate Departments plus a total for all Departments. Designed to be run on large wall-mounted plasma screens and PC monitors, the MultiQueue Wallboard clearly shows the number of active and queueing calls, total number of calls answered/abandoned and the longest/average queue times. The MultiQueue Wallboard can be run in conjunction with, or instead of, the SpliceQueue Desktop Client, providing a clear, up to the second view across all queues.

SpliceQueue, Desktop Client & MultiQueue Wallboard for maximiser are available immediately.

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