Square 1 Products Launches WhatsTheListPrice.com

Square 1 Products has launched their new website concept WhatsTheListPrice.com. The website which is marketed as a global list price search engine is aimed at providing the IT channel with a single resource for up to the minute global prices for some of the biggest vendors in the UK and European markets.

WhatsTheListPrice.com can not only allow users to find all major vendor products in one place but with matching prices reduces lost time and increases work flow.

Additionally, IT resellers who are required to demonstrate vendor retail price on customer quotes will find this a great tool for collecting prices swiftly. As well as the ability for quick price comparison against what multiple suppliers are offering.

The regularity of which vendor list prices can change often means the last time a products list price was checked may be different to when documentation is ready to be submitted to a customer. Since everyone is inevitably busy, the search engine becomes part of an everyday tool kit for providing a quick and easy point of reference. And with vendor data continually updated, the website always displays the most up-to-date list price.

One notable advantage of the site is its usefulness for becoming a reference point for end-of-life products which have become discontinued by the manufacturers. Vendors will often make pricing unavailable once they discontinue a product, but with stock still available in the channel for purchase, these list prices are absolutely required. This previous irritation for IT channel professionals has now come to an end, enabling them to revisit the last published list price for past products.

Lee Wilson Commercial Director comments “Whilst it is already possible to locate global list prices using various methods, these sources are often spread out across the web and are difficult to find quickly. We created WhatsTheListPrice.com to alleviate the everyday frustration we and many of our customers were finding by bringing together all major vendor retail prices under one roof. So whether you’re looking for pricing from industry leaders Cisco, Fortinet or Juniper, you’ll now be able to find them all in one place.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine