Squigs launches new version of iOS three-in-a-row puzzle game for iPhone and iPod Touch

Squigs, a revamp of the classic 1990s Amiga puzzle game ported to Apple iOS in November of this year, has now been updated to version 1.1 and is available for immediate download at the Apple App Store.

This latest version of Squigs adds both hard and easy level options as well as updated About and Help menu tabs, updated icons and more. The highly-addictive puzzle game also features the high-definition controls and enhanced sound added for the first time in this year’s iOS release.

Originally released for the Amiga Personal Computer back in 1993, Squigs challenges players to line Squigs characters of the same colour vertically, horizontally and diagonally in order to eliminate them and avoid filling the play well and causing the game to end. Players must manoeuvre and rearrange the falling Squigs as well as take advantage of power-ups and achievement awards to gain the highest score.

The original game’s creator, Jon Hibbins, who is also heading the modern development team for the game’s iOS release and subsequent updates said: “The new version of Squigs fuses proven, addictive gameplay with exciting modern concepts. Its casual ‘pick-up-and-play’ gameplay, combined with intuitive controls, makes it a perfect fit for Apple iOS devices, and a satisfying experience for Squigs veterans and new players alike.”

Squigs for iOS was released in November 2011 on Apple’s App Store.

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