Standard PCs redundant as workers call for switch to the cloud

A report from Gartner predicts personal cloud services will replace the traditional PC as the dominant form of business computing by 2014. This is mirrored by research carried out by Virgin Media Business which shows 62 per cent of employees want to see the day-to-day software they use at work transferred to the cloud immediately.

The research, carried out with 5,000 respondents, saw public sector organisations come out as amongst the keenest (62 per cent) to access all their software for work through the cloud. The private sector is also set to increase its use of cloud computing. Currently 16 per cent of firms use the technology with over a quarter (27 per cent) looking to add cloud computing to their existing business model in 2012. In fact 14 per cent of companies have already started their investment programme into new cloud services.

Tony Grace, COO of Virgin Media Business, said: “All the signs are pointing in the same direction and that’s straight to the cloud. Whilst 2014 might look a wild claim for such a big shift, the study carried out by Gartner and our own results shows a groundswell of opinion is forming to move to the cloud.

“Perhaps the only hurdle to this change is the old uncertainties about cloud computing. A third of companies told us they are still worried about data management and 28 per cent admitted they had concerns about security. The fact is the biggest issue about accessing and using the cloud to its maximum is ensuring you have a secure and reliable connection.

“For Gartner’s prediction to come true, businesses need to carefully choose the right supplier when commuting to the cloud to ensure disruption to services is kept to the absolute minimum. Look for a supplier that will work closely with you to develop a tailored solution that meets your specific needs, and can back it up with highly resilient, secure connectivity.”

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