Starhome adds new modules to its OMNYX service

Starhome, provider of roaming services for mobile network operators, has announced that it has added a new suite of modules to its OMNYX service. The new modules further advance the service by providing across-the-board expansion into all areas of dynamic roaming activities.

OMNYX, released at the end of 2010, was received with much enthusiasm by mobile operators. The holistic analytical tool, designed specifically for the roaming manager, is a virtual roaming business consultant offering real-time monitoring of revenues, profits and profitability, including analysis of revenue and usage effects, to name a few.

Starhome’s new OMNYX modules include: Quality Optimization – A Global Roaming Quality compliant module that supports roaming quality of service for voice, SMS and data. Global Roaming Quality compliant guarantees that the new module meets the standards set within the GSM’s Global Roaming Quality guidelines to assure roaming service quality, which means mobile operators benefit by being able to integrate quality of service into their roaming environment. Quality Optimization facilitates the simple correlation of service problems against revenue loss and then determines the appropriate course of action. Quality Optimization also tracks preferred networks to assure the best quality in upholding commitment agreements.

Roaming Assurance – Assures roaming revenue by making it easier to track and compare real-time traffic to billing records. The module efficiently identifies and plugs any possible revenue leakage. Roaming Assurance also ensures coordination of all current roaming agreement phases.

Wholesale Maximizer – Manages and optimizes the IOT (Inter Operator Tariff) discount agreement process and enables better advanced planning of IOT negotiations. In addition, the Wholesale Maximizer helps the roaming manager better track wholesale revenue, profit and credit notes.

Shlomo Wolman, Co-Founder & COO at Starhome explained: “Our vast knowledge in the roaming market allows us to continually improve and enhance our products and services. Our in-house Global Services Operations Center (GSOC) plays a major role in assisting us in recognizing corners of the market that have not been completely utilized to the fullest extent. Today, the roaming industry is all about effortless roaming, for both the operator and the customer. Our additional suite of modules offers improved know-how to deal with dynamic roaming behavior and will bring into line the current differences between global roaming and domestic roaming to create the same user experience.”

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